Tips to promote your Moris mo tizil products
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5 creative tips to promote your product

Many designers put their creativity on sleep after exporting their artwork. Believe us, that’s when you might need it the most! Marketing is a beautiful mix of science and creativity. And if we are already taking care of technical aspects such as web development and SEO, we leave you the freedom to find creative ways to promote your products.  

Imagine how awesome it would be if you could show your product to a hundred or a thousand potential buyers. Sounds like a plan? Let’s do this. Here are five creative tips to promote your t-shirt:

  1. Know your product
  2. Find an influencer
  3. Talk to NGOs
  4. Join forums and groups
  5. Experiment with Paid Ads

1. Know your product

Remember the last time you bought a product? We bet you had a few questions in mind. Everyone does. Whether it is a t-shirt or a car, people always ask questions during their buying decision. Some of them are:

  • What’s the price?

ALWAYS include the price of your product when promoting it. Your good act will also help alleviate the “pp” comment syndrome!

  • Is it good quality? 

Did you know your t-shirt is made of 100% cotton? Has a classic cut to fit both men & women? Was designed to provide the greatest comfort in all environments? See all product properties here and in your product’s description.

  • Where is it made?

People care a lot about where a product comes from. You can reassure your clients by telling them it was made 100% in-house by Teamonite in one of the most environmentally friendly clothing factories in Mauritius.  

  • Will the product suit me?

Definitely talk about available sizes: 4 – 12 Years and XS – 3XL.

  • How will I get delivered?

Delivery is free in Mauritius for orders above MUR 2500. Next day delivery is available for a small fee of Rs 250. International delivery can also be arranged for an additional charge. More delivery information here.

Good marketers have answers to all possible questions. Great marketers turn them into selling features.

2. Find an influencer

You don’t have a lot of followers? Find someone who has. It’s that easy. What’s a little harder is to convince that person to share your product with their fans and followers. That’s why we recommend you choose an influencer who shares similar principles and interests as you.

Send a t-shirt with a personalized handwritten message to the influencer. That alone is a forward step. If you share common interests, an influencer will be more likely to share your product with their community. And, if the influencer does share your product, ask him/her to put a link to the product page. Now sit and watch the orders come in!

3. Talk to NGOs

Do you have an idea of how many t-shirts an NGO uses per event or campaign? If your design correlates with their cause, drop them an email or (better) go talk to the person in charge.

Bring a t-shirt. Tell the story behind your product. What the design means to you and how it relates to their cause. If you get that right, it is not one or two, but a hundred t-shirts that you can sell for one event. 

4. Join forums and groups

Online forums are gold mines for information and recommendations. Scrutinize forums on a topic related to your design or product. You just have to connect with the community to start recommending your fabulous product.

Mauritians love to wear local. Mauritians living abroad love even more showing their origins. You won’t imagine how much they value a dodo t-shirt. One great place to start is the Mauriciens du Monde Facebook Group

Request to join the group and share your product. But do not spam. Make sure what you write aligns with the group or forum’s rules. Now, you are sure to receive great reactions, comments and possible orders. Remember, it is just an example. You can come up with better findings!

5. Experiment with paid ads

Going down the “free” route is a good start. But, once you start investing, you know you are in for some serious business. Online marketing channels or platforms are like mushrooms, they are sprouting up everywhere these days. It’s your job to research where your potential buyers are spending their time online.

Once you’ve figured this out, you can start experimenting with Facebook Ads, PPC or display ads. You can also rent advertising space on thematic websites. Whichever paid ads you choose, we can help you analyze how your campaign is performing. 

Here are a few links to help you get started: Facebook BlueprintGoogle Ads

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