Coronavirus Face Mask Mauritius

Can a simple face mask help combat Covid-19? YES…. only if everyone wears a mask

Right now our safety and that of our families remain on top of our minds. Still, no one can argue that the NEXT thing we longed for, is to get back to our normal life!

While a lot has been said on masks these days, is it foolish to believe that such a small piece of apparel worn on our face could help us claim our life back?

According to experts, there are reasons to believe that it could if everyone wears a face mask, even non-medical DIY fabric ones!

Here’s why: 

  • First, the virus comes out of the infected person mainly through sneezes and coughs.
  • According to researches, it is more effective to block the virus at the source when it is just released from the mouth or nose of the person. This is because at this time, the droplets are still big in size and Fabric masks are in fact very effective in absorbing these big droplets.
  • When an infected person wears a mask, as much as 70% of the droplets are absorbed.
  • Now if a non-infected person nearby also wears a mask, the amount of free infected droplets can be cut down by three.
  • Researchers concluded that only 5-10% of the infected droplets remain, meaning that the non-infected person gets the same level of protection as if he was wearing a medical mask.

These findings are of utmost importance in preventing the spread of the virus because:

  • Infected people may be the most contagious during the first days when they precisely do not show any symptoms. 
  • Up to 50% of infected people are asymptomatic.

Simply said, if everyone wears a mask, there is still hope for a brighter future!

At RT Knits, we wanted to make our contribution in this difficult situation by engineering a mask that can protect both the wearer and others by reducing the spread of the virus. 

More important, everyone should wear a mask and accessibility is a must. This is why we have launched where you can safely order online and get delivered for free.


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