X (cm)9 -1212 -14

50 units Remask pack

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MUR 2,875.00

Your safety and comfort in a mask. Each pack comes in lot of 10 masks.

1 Mask donated to an NGO for 10 mask sold




Materials Outside layer: Dense knit polyester with durable hydrophobic treatment

Inside layer: Double sided viscose/polyester absorbent and antibacterial 2 layers of 220g/m2

Technical Details

Higher protection level with nose bridge for perfect fit

Washable up to 10 times

Soft eleastic ear loops for comfort and ease of wearing


 M, L

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X (cm)9 -1212 -14
Reviews (11)

11 reviews for 50 units Remask pack

  1. delphine.herry (verified owner)

    The delivery was fast and the products were well sealed. customer very satisfied.

  2. rdeepa06 (verified owner)

    Prompt response and good quality product

  3. jmq (verified owner)

    Good quality and fair price but the horizontal stitch in the front (not shown on the advert photo) is an internationally recognised weak point and I doubt it will last as long as advertised

    • noveena.w (verified owner)

      Kindly note that our masks have been engineered following AFNOR norms and when we talk about exceeding, it is as per below aspects of our masks which are not required by AFNOR. They optimizes even more your protection and those around you:

      -Hydrophobic outer layer: Dense and compact fabric with hydrophobic treatment to limit droplets contamination from outside
      -Hydrophilic inner layer: to absorb the droplets of sneeze or cough of the wearer to avoid to contaminate those around him/her. Fabric also contains an antibacterial property(useful for tropical climate)
      -Nose bridge: To fit perfectly your nose shape and limit the risks of droplets coming through this part.
      – Fabric is more compact(for better protection)

      As per stated below, we are respecting the norms as we are not using domestic machines but industrial ones.

      Our masks have already been sent for certification to AFNOR, however it will take time as we are on a long waiting list.

      A fact that can reassure you is that the President Emmanuel Macron has worn a fabric mask with a vertical stitch last Tuesday at a school which was made by La Bonneterie Chanteclair. Please find below link of article:

  4. ssandhi (verified owner)

    The product arrived on time, well packaged. The driver called ahead on the day of the delivery. Have used and washed the mask once, so far so good.

  5. nazsub19 (verified owner)

    Great product, good price and fast delivery. Product well packaged. Very satisfied with the masks. A slight add on: a contactless delivery method would have been much appreciated in this pandemic.

    • noveena.w (verified owner)

      Thank you for your review. We are happy that you loved the products.
      Rest assured that we will investigate on the delivery of your order.

  6. sanjanajhumun (verified owner)

    Rapid delivery service and product quality is good. Highly recommended!

  7. meeni07 (verified owner)

    Thank you for the swift delivery. Value for money and very comfortable masks.

  8. lina (verified owner)

    Delivery was fast and professional. The mask is very comfortable. Value for money

  9. savsncoltd (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and product were well packed. Very Satisfied .

  10. a.ladkoo (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery and good products. May be your R&D team is already working on it…still wanted to propose my idea: masks adapted for kids too would be great. Thank you.

  11. luch5dooshant (verified owner)

    Excellent Service and Good Quality Product.

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